What we do Studies, surveys, consultancy and presentations regarding dairy markets:

Market monitoring and projections


Market mapping and intelligence


Milk processing operations assessment


Lectures and Market research


Proposition and holding sectorial meetings such as the Encontro MilkPoint de Laticínios and Latin America Dairy Congress

Who we are The consulting division of AgriPoint

MilkPoint Inteligência is the consulting division of AgriPoint, a Brazilian company specialized in information and consultancy for the Brazilian dairy market and neighbouring countries. AgriPoint is the owner of the main Brazilian dairy websites – MilkPoint and MilkPoint Industria (LINKAR), MilkPoint Mercado - the milk and dairy products market monitoring platform, (LINKAR), and Symposiums and other meetings such as the Latin America Dairy Congress (a partnership with Zenith International).

We have over 20 years of accumulated experience in large companies, in University and consultancy itself. We are specialized in milk and dairy markets.

Our company has consulted for investment funds and international companies that aim to understand more about opportunities, trends and challenges in our markets; for government and sectorial institutions; and for local players, always with the purpose of providing a more comprehensive overview of Brazilian and other Latin American countries, allowing them to improve their decision-making process.

In the last 10 years, we also carried out more than 200 lectures in topics related to market trends and characteristics of Brazilian and Latin American countries regarding milk production, processing and trade, of which 20 of those lectures in other countries, such as:

• Brazil in the balance between domestic and export market. DAIRY POLICIES AND ECONOMICS: Global and Regional Challenges to Economic Sustainability of the Dairy Supply Chain – World Dairy Summit – Vilnius, Lituania, 2015

• An overview of the Brazilian dairy industry: recent growth, future trends, challenges and opportunities.– MILK SYMPOSIUM – Multidisciplinary and International Leadership Keynote Symposium – Animal and Dairy Science Joint Meeting American Dairy Science Association. Orlando, FL, USA, 2015

• Brazil: challenges and opportunities, Global Dairy Congress, Istanbul, Turkey, 2014

• Why Brazil doesn’t have a world-class dairy sector? Massey University, New Zealand – MBA class in Brazil, 2013

• Dairy business in Brazil and Mercosul – current situation and trends –United States Dairy Export Council, Chicago, USA, 2011

• Sustainability of dairy production in Brazil - World Dairy Summit, Auckland, New Zealand, 2010

• Brazil: Export Potential - Global Dairy Congress, Madrid, Spain, 2009

• Sustainability in the Brazilian dairy chain. Workshop Dairy Australia, Melbourne, Australia, 2009

The following is a map of the countries where our team has carried out lectures in the last 10 years:

Our members have published many books and studies directed to dairy markets, such as “Scenarios for Brazilian Dairy Industry in 2020”, in partnership with Embrapa Gado de Leite, and “Milk agribusiness in Brazil”, through PENSA/University of São Paulo.


Marcelo Pereira de Carvalho
Founder and CEO at AgriPoint, a company that provides qualified information for the dairy market in Brazil through many channels: websites, magazine, symposiums, online training and consulting services. Its website MilkPoint is the largest think tank for the dairy sector in Brazil, with over 100.000 subscribers. Marcelo has carried out more than 200 lectures in 16 countries in the last 10 years, on the following topics: Brazilian dairy market perspectives; World dairy trade and perspectives; Supply chain management in the dairy sector and milk promotion. Agronomist, graduated at the University of São Paulo (1992), with a master degree in Animal Sciences at the same University (1988) and a MBA through FIA – Fundação Instituto de Administração (2005). Before founding AgriPoint, he worked for 10 years as a dairy cattle specialist in dairy farms, focusing on nutrition and farm management.
Valter Galan
Has worked for major multinational companies, such as Nestlé/Dairy Partners Americas, Pepsico and Tereos Group, he has always focused on Supply Chain and Procurement Management and New Procurement Strategies Development, with a deep expertise on dairy sector.

Some customers

MilkPoint Mercado is the market intelligence monitoring platform operated by MilkPoint Inteligência. More than 50 variables are continuously analysed by our experts team, producing the most complete dairy market monitoring system in Brazil. The content is delivered through online video presentations, in-depth text analysis, relevant news and a comprehesive statistics database (graphs, maps and tables).

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